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KVP 9MM Blow Back Bolt Carrier Group KVP AR-15 One Piece Gas Ring Spare KVP Gen2 9mm BCG Firing Pin
The KVP 9mm BCG is a feature packed solution for your 9mm Blow Back Carbine or Pistol. Our 9mm BCG is compatible with either Glock or Colt style magazines. The carrier is constructed of US made 8620 steel, with a Nitride QPQ finish. The QPQ finish offers excellent wear and weather resistant properties that are superior to lower grade phosphate finishing processes. We've also added a beefier firing pin retention spring to help lower the likely hood of firing pin breakage, that is common in other 9mm BCG's.

Many after market drop in triggers use modified hammers and can be temperamental in Blowback systems. For the most consistent results a mil-spec fire control group is recommended. However, in our testing, these aftermarket fire control groups should work in most circumstances: POF, Hiperfire EDT and 24 series, Geissele, Timney, Rock River, and Spikes.
Eliminate the possibility of losing gas pressure needed to cycle an AR-15 by switching out the gas rings in your AR-15 BCG. The simple one piece gas ring provides the shooter with a 100% guarantee that the BCG will never have misaligned gas rings. The one piece ring is easy to install, and is constructed of Stainless Steel, which provides a long, worry free duty life in any AR-15. An extra firing pin is a perfect addition for your range bag. If you are a recreational shooter, or a competitor in USPSA PCC Class shoots don't let your range day or competition end early. We rarely have firing pins break in our 9mm BCG's, but things can happen. Our customers demanded we offer backup firing pins..... We listened!

Our kit comes with a firing pin and firing pin spring.
Gen2 9mm BCG Extractor Kit Gen2 9mm BCG Firing Pin Retainer
This is a replacement kit for the extractor for the KVP Gen-2 9MM BCG. Kit includes the extractor and a roll pin. This is a retaining pin for the KVP Gen-2 BCG.